High Yield Property Investment


Income Generating Assets
The secure way to wealth.

Adavo Property sell income generating assets that deliver net yields of 7%-10% after all costs. Each asset undergoes a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that it will perform as expected for years to come. We carefully select our locations to make sure that the property has a clearly defined target market and that the renovation standard we operate to will set the asset aside from the local competition.

Our income generating assets will give you secure, stable income month-by-month with the added potential for long term capital appreciation. Adavo has developed a production line program for the large scale delivery of these superb assets.

Our model has successfully delivered hundreds of assets with typical net yields of 7-10%pa and double digit ROIs.


Key Features of Income Generating Assets
High returns with proven strategies.

• 7%-10% net yields per annum as standard.
• 15% plus ROI (return on investment) with mortgaged purchases.
•  £100,000 to £250,000 typical market value purchase price.
• Market leading rental income from £871pm for a 3 bed to £2,322 for an 8 bed.
• Long term capital growth from today's low values.
• The security of bricks and mortar. Your properties are real, tangible and will be there in 20 years.
• Regular monthly cash flow to supplement or replace your income.
• Closely located to target rental markets.

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Professional Property Investment
HMO and Student properties have long been the heartbeat of professional portfolios due to their income.

Experienced investors know the cash flow benefits that HMO properties bring. A portfolio of even 3 or 4 properties can often generate more income than the average directors salary in the UK.

Adding a portion of HMO stock to your existing portfolio will significantly increase your portfolio's overall return and will provide stability should interest rates begin to rise in the coming years.

If you are starting out in property then there is no better place to begin the security of a fully managed Adavo property. Benefit from the expert guidance that our experienced team offer as part of a fully inclusive service with every aspect of the investment catered for.

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Cash Flow Positive
The income generated comfortably covers mortgage, bills, insurance and management.

The most important part of any property investment is the cash flow. In years gone by properties were bought at prices whereby rents did not cover mortgage payments, all in search of lucrative capital gains. These properties made up a large part of the reposession lists due to their poor cash flow. HMO properties are different.

Adavo properties are driven first and foremost by cash flow. Our typical monthly rents grossly surpass all true costs of the property and leave a healthy surplus to take as a residual income. Grounded on such a solid platform, you can then consider the long term capital growth likely from buying at close to, or aguably at, the bottom of the market.

Don't just take our word for it - come and see them for yourself! We would love to take you round on a tour.

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